Soil Waste Classification

Environment Agency Guidance requires soils destined for landfill to be classified in accordance with document WM2 (Version 2.3, 2011).

Many substances generated by industry are termed ‘absolute entries’, meaning they have a pre-defined European Waste Code (EWC). Unlike ‘absolute’ entries, soils generated during construction and remediation are classified on the basis of their unique chemistry.

The classification allocated to a soil can have a significant effect on the disposal cost. Therefore, it is paramount to derive accurate EWCs.
Terra Firma Wales Ltd offer soil sampling, tailored chemical analysis and soil waste classification.

Through careful examination of the chemical data Terra Firma Wales can accurately characterise soils. We have experience of several projects where soil previously believed to be hazardous waste has been successfully down-graded to non-hazardous, leading to significant savings in disposal costs.

In addition to standard chemical analysis, Terra Firma Wales Ltd offer a range of leachate and physical laboratory tests to further refine a soils classification.

Terra Firma Wales Ltd can also undertake Human Health Risk Assessments on capping and landscaping soils destined for domestic and industrial settings and have extensive experience in determining the suitability of material for use as recycled aggregate.