Large Scale Mixed Acid Spillage


Terra Firma Wales Ltd (TFW) was approached by an aircraft part manufacturer following a large scale spillage of acid from an underground storage tank. Approximately 8,000 litres of mixed acids, including sulphuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid had leaked.

TFW immediately mobilised two light cable percussion drilling rigs and was able to design an investigation and monitoring regime to assess the environmental risks associated with the spillage and satisfy the Environment Agency.

TFW liaised with the site operator to determine the chemical composition of the spilt acid and, on the basis of these discussions, was able to construct a cost effective analytical suite for soil and groundwater samples recovered from the site. A series of wells were installed during the spillage to allow long-term monitoring of the spill.

TFW concluded that the spilt acid was rapidly diluted and monitoring revealed that there was no long-term risk associated with the spillage.